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Ingenious Design Requires Experimentation

New ideas happen when you are willing to try things that have never been done before! We are always experimenting with new ideas on our own properties, and we are passionate about sharing these "outside the box" ideas with our clients. Although they may not be finished products, we like to work with people that are willing to try new things!

Stay tuned for ways you can support or be part of our designs and experiments


Automated Duckweed Harvesting

Duckweed (lemna minor) is a species of aquatic freshwater plant that thrives in our ecosystem. When harvested from a pond, it makes a terrific feed for livestock! It will double every 24 hours under optimal conditions, and if we can figure out a way to harvest it automatically. it could be a gamechanger for feeding chickens, pigs and other livestock on the farm!

Learn more about Duckweed


Homestead and Small Farm Bulk Feed Handling

Buying livestock feed in bulk is so much cheaper! You can often save 20-30% or more just by purchasing animal feed in larger quantities. Unfortunately it can be very cumbersome and labour intensive to store feed in tote bags and scoop it out into buckets daily. Storing the feed in most of the feed bins on the market requires expensive machinery or a tractor and auger. We have some ideas for a simple, cost effective solution for any farm!


Build Your Own Water Filter for under $50

Expanding on a great design that utilizes a few simple materials from your local hardware store and garden centre, you can construct a water filter that will last for years. No expensive replacement filters! 

Takota has a working prototype in his house and we're ready to test it out in several other styles and sizes and provide water sample reports! 

Stay tuned!

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