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We help homesteaders and regenerative farmers design and develop land for

freedom, purpose and abundance


How much is poor design costing you?

Most producers struggle with the complexity of creating an efficient, resilient and enjoyable property.

When you don't have a clear design process…

  • You are not on the same page as your partner(s)
  • You are wasting time and money
  • You feel overwhelmed by conflicting information 
  • Burnout or bankruptcy feel inevitable
  • You aren’t sure what to do next

Designing and developing land is complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of stumbling through random videos, books, blogs, or courses; work with us to create your custom strategy to buy, design, develop or manage the property of your dreams.

Work With Us

We will help you design and develop your land to meet your vision and values

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Our 10X  Guarantee  |

If we don't provide you with 10x your investment in the prevention of costly mistakes or missed opportunities, we will refund your money.

What is a Gulch?

"Galt's Gulch" was a secret property developed by the heroes of Ayn Rand’s prophetic novel Atlas Shrugged. The Gulch provided a sanctuary from the increasing political tyranny and impending economic collapse. The heroes of the story secured their food, water, shelter, energy and technology needs through ingenious design and industrious work. With their basic needs met they were able to withdraw their support for the corrupt world. Our mission is to help you build your own gulch, and foster a peaceful revolution that will one day return our world to a place of freedom, purpose and abundance.

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